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Song Lyrics - Deliver Me

Deliver Me

From the album Come Out in Jesus Name (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Written by Monica Lugo, Jeffrey Joslin, Isai Lugo, David Alastre

Produced by Isai Lugo and David Alastre


They’ve gathered against me

They’ve come for my life

With swords in their lips

Curses and lies

I will not hide

In faith I will wait

My God my defender

He’s never late

Oh God, my mercy

I will call on Your name

Your word is my strength

For all of my days

When darkness surrounds

I will lift up Your praise

In the presence of my enemies

God deliver me

Time after time

You’ve been there for me

In the fiercest of battles

On the edge of defeat

Why should I worry

Why should I fear

When over and over

My defender appears

No weapon, no evil

No darkness

Shall hold me down

My salvation, redeemer, protector

Won’t fail me now

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