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Jeffrey Joslin's musical journey has taken many twists and turns, but it seems the path inevitably led him back to his roots. The native Tennessean has returned to his home state after an eight year adventure in California. His ever-evolving sound has found solace in the roots of Southern gospel, folk, blues, and country music.


In the early days of his career, 2005 to 2010, he explored songwriting and studio production in the Nashville scene while penning and self-producing EP's and albums and touring the east coast. In 2011 a management/production deal led him to Atlanta, Georgia, where he cut his teeth holding a residency at Smith's Olde Bar while writing under the wing of Brian Richardson (B.o.B & Playboy Tre) and hip hop and r&b producers at Grand Hustle.

In 2012 the call of the west coast became too strong to resist and he fulfilled a life long dream stirred up by the sounds of musicians like Brian Wilson, Joni Mitchell and the Eagles. As a child Joslin listened to the laid back sunset drenched sounds of California and imagined a life of family, surf and music on the West Coast. 

After 8 years in The Golden State, his dreams have manifested in ways he could never have imagined. He has released 3 self-produced full length albums (as Jef Joslin) and made his rounds in Los Angeles music scene. He has composed music for feature and short films as well as commercials and TV. With the help of his two brothers, Justice and Javan, he has found himself in the middle of LA's burgeoning artistic community, centered around The Skipper Room, an all analog studio bent on getting to the heart and authenticity of live music in the midst of an industry saturated with computer generated and heavily edited sounds. His art has blossomed into a love for film, painting, design and fashion. He met his wife, actor and writer Ciera Danielle, in Venice Beach and they now have a beautiful young daughter. 

His 2019 release, California Gold, recounts a life-changing manic episode in 2017 and the journey of rebuilding his life, marriage and art in the months and years that followed. The EP was created at his brother Justice’s all analog studio, The Skipper Room. The instrumentation conveys raw vulnerability soaked in lighthearted groove, while accompanying Joslin’s poetic take on not only his intense and traumatic experiences, but the wisdom he learned in the process. 

Upon returning to Nashville, he has stayed busy releasing two new singles and a gospel EP called "Good News." 

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