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Song Lyrics - At the Altar

At the Altar

From the album Come Out in Jesus Name (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Written by James Breedwell AKA The Go Go Go Go Guy & Jeffrey Joslin

Published by That’s A Hook Music Publishing ASCAP & Throwback Music BMI

Recorded and engineered by Jeffrey Joslin

Produced and mixed by Jeffrey Joslin

Mastered by Dave McNair at Dave McNair Mastering


I’ve been talking to myself

Trying to figure it out

All my scars don’t matter now

See that’s all in the past

For I’m saved at last

Who I was never came close

To who I became when I let go

I give praise to the Father

The Son and Holy Ghost

I glorify God with all that I am

For here where I kneel

Is where I make my stand

The devil don’t have any chains on me

I gave it all the Father

For who I was

I left at the altar

I stopped lying to myself

Gave praise to the King

Cause I’d be nothing without Him

He put a robe on my back

Of His Righteousness

I lay it all down at His Throne

With the saints and heavenly hosts

I give praise to the Father

The Son and Holy Ghost

For every tear that falls

At the altar call

We rejoice over every soul

Face down we fall

Come one and all

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