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New Original Song - 2021


Written, produced and mixed by Jeffrey Joslin


What a year

What a memory

Tell me what went wrong

Frozen in time

Trying to find a light

Wondering where to run

I’m not asking for myself

Oh no I’m asking it for everyone

Can you go gentle

Take it easy

What you say

We just start over when December’s done

Maybe have some fun


Shackles on our feet

Blood stains on the streets

I don’t recognize myself

All the lies

Up from the grave inside

I’m screaming at somebody else

Cant take another year

Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun

Is it safe to take a breath

Is all over

Is the battle won

Or has it just begun


What’s in store

I’m not sure

If I believe In resolutions anymore

Might Wait out the wind

for the seas to calm

Safely standing on the shore

Heroes of our past

May try to ask us all to dust it off and not to run

Just need a moment

For the tears to heal

The fragments

Of the damage done

Our fathers daughters

And our mothers sons

Then we can soldier on


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