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Cassette Tape Demos - Where We Go One We Go All - WWG1WGA

This song was inspired the millions of #Qarmy researchers who fight for freedom and truth every day in spite of the adversity, hatred and opposition they face. They will be remembered as heroes. #wearethenewsnow #WWG1WGA

Where We Go One We Go All - WWG1WGA

Written and performed by Jeffrey Joslin

VERSE There’s been a storm a brewin And we’re standing in the eye Hard to make out what is real Tell a truth from a lie If you got a q We got an answer And plenty more to say They are sick They are stupid But they’re about to have their day

CHORUS This trains leaving the station For every people every nation It ain’t just black and white But every color of the light Take this red pill and let’s go Grab some popcorn for the road (show) The gavel of the Lord (law) Is gonna fall For where we go one we go all

VERSE 2 Call me crazy call me mad I'll give you a high 5:5 Let the future prove the past Till you open up your mind From a mock mock mocking bird To bird that’s born to fly The trumpet sound Is playing loud Like a B2 bomber in the sky

BRIDGE Divided we fall United we stand Trust yourself Trust the plan Put on the armor Pick up the sword For God and country For the World

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