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Cassette Tape Demos - War

If you pay attention at all, I'm sure you've seen that things are tense. But you may not be sure why. There are many forces at work to keep you blind to your own slavery. This song is about that.

VERSE There’s a war there’s a war Like we’ve never seen before The enemy is marching And they’re knocking on your door They try to sell you freedom That leaves you wanting more Better make up your own mind Which side you’re fighting for

VERSE 2 There’s a war there’s a war For the soul of the child Daddy’s gone and mommy too No protection for the mind Truth was sold for bags of gold And got replaced with lies Bullets beamed by tv screens The crosshairs of their eyes

VERSE 3 There’s a war there’s a war Invisible is it’s name Fear is it’s weapon And power is it’s game Unity and vision is a threat To its way So division and separation Is how they like to play

VERSE 4 There’s a war there’s a war If we could only see Their kingdom would be laid to waste If we found were free Infinite in number And possibility No plan of man could ever stand The great and mighty sea

VERSE 5 There’s a war there’s a war Your thoughts are not your own They’re fed to you by silver spoon While staring at your phone Information curation Here’s all you need to know Write a script for your lips And shove it down your throats

VERSE 6 There’s a war there’s a war But time is our side Time will stand the ways of man For love can never die They Paint you as a victim Say they hold the keys of life The only key you’ll ever need Is the one that lives inside

VERSE 7 There’s a war there’s a war That’s already been won That hand of God wrote in blood It is finished it is done The enemy his time is up There’s nowhere left to run Like a rabid beast he shows his teeth While dying in the sun

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