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Cassette Tape Demos - Oak of the Golden Dream

There's a place north of where I live called the Oak of the Golden Dream. There's a tree there where a guy who was looking for gold fell asleep and dreamt of gold and then discovered a ton of it and later led to the gold rush that we know in California.

When I went there with my family there was a beautiful nature area, hiking trails and a stream where all the children were playing. I felt as though this was a vision of sorts and so I wrote this song. I hope you enjoy it.


VERSE Politicians scream and cry There’s a trumpet from on high We’re at the end

But I’ve heard it all before So I speak about it now As I did then

The only ones to be afraid Are the ones who build the gates To heaven’s den

They’ve got evil in their eyes Tongues are spinning lies It’s just pretend

I see a better day In a future that we make We hold the key

Turn off the tv And perhaps you’ll finally see This kingdom of paradise were living in

CHORUS Down at the oak of the golden dream All the children play in the stream Every color that you’ve ever seen With nothing but love in between Down at the oak The oak of the golden dream

VERSE 2 There’s been a kingdom put in place That was built to enslave And bring you down

But no one can stop the King of Love Who’s come to burn the whole thing to the ground

Up From the ashes we will rise We chose to fly With the man who conquered death

For who can break away From the One who supplies our every breath

But to those who stand up tall Defiant towards the one who gave them life

Standing on the tracks Of A holy train that’s moving fast And nothing that can keep it away

VERSE 3 Brothers sisters gather round Oh and listen to the sound Of the wind

It’s blowing towards a place Where the fountain of grace Will never end

No one can make you go Gotta make up your own mind It’s up to you

But whatever you decide You can never run and hide from the truth

It will seek you out and find you Only wants to guide you on your way

It’s no fault but your own If you choose to walk alone Down the path of destruction far away

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