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Cassette Tape Demos - Mothers

While preparing for this Sunday's Mother's Day church service, I came across what appears to be a great shortage of songs pertaining to mothers, especially ones identifying God as our Mother.

I feel like this is an entire universe of God's nature that we miss by simply knowing Him as Father. So in light of Mother's Day this Sunday, I wrote this song to honor my mother, my wife who is a GREAT mother, both my grandmothers and all of the aunts, sisters and women who have been mother figures to us all, but also to shed a light on the fact that God is our Mother AS WELL AS our Father, and everything we love about our mothers and the love they give us, comes directly from the Source, our Creator, our God.

Mothers by Jeffrey Joslin

VERSE My mother is the first way God loved me She sacrificed her body to give me life Her pain and suffering Allowed me to be Sure sounds a lot like Jesus And what He did to set us free

My mother always looked at me with Gods eyes An expert at compassion and love So quick to forgiveness and willingness to give this little child every last bit of her heart and soul

CHORUS God is our Father That much we know is true But out of God came mothers And everything that mothers do Is it so hard to imagine Is it so far from the truth That God could be our Mother too

VERSE 2 No better place than grandmothers arms Spoiled rotten with a belly full of pie The ecstasy of heaven twinkling in her eyes Grandmas are the smiles of God To every little child

BRIDGE Our mothers are the reason we’re alive They make the world more loving compassionate and wise Our fathers protect us and fight for the truth But some things only mothers can do

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