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Cassette Tape Demos - Free

The gospel is good news (at least it should be). If you've heard something from religion or from church that isn't good news, it's probably not the TRUTH. Jesus said the TRUTH will set you FREE. Ask yourself, are you free? If not, then you probably don't know the TRUTH. Good news is, the TRUTH is a person and his name is JESUS. He gives freely to all who come to Him. His burden is easy and His yoke is light. He is a lifter of burdens and forgiver of sins, eraser of guilt and shame. Sounds like good news doesn't it?

Music & lyrics by Jeffrey Joslin

CHORUS I'm free I'm free Oh Jesus set me free The mistakes that I make are nailed to a tree I'm free I've been free Ever since Calvary Not hypothetically, but every part of me Head to toe I'm good to go I'm free I'm free I'm free

VERSE Everything that I have has been given to me From the blood in my veins to the air that I breathe Each day that I wake up is a gift from above From my heavenly Father I've got wells of living water Bubbling up with love

VERSE 2 You can point you can laugh You can call me what you want But the one you're pointing at is the Everlasting Son Who has won every battle Defeated every foe And I've just gotta let you know That Jesus saved my soul And when he walks into the room all the darkness has to go

BRIDGE I've heard that truth will set you free But there's some with the truth that don't look that free to me How can you be shackled and walking in the dark When you know when you know whose you are? Can't you see can't you see you're a child of the King?

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