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Cassette Tape Demos - Failure

Here's a new song called Failure. At this point in my life I've realized that failing and messing up over and over again is the very thing that has gotten me where I'm at today. There's no perfect path and failure can be a great teacher to those who are willing to learn. Hope you enjoy!

FAILURE by Jeffrey Joslin


When they see him coming most will run away

But this ole boy is family to the brave

The kind of guy you hate to love and really love to hate

But buy him a drink and he'll help you think in extraordinary ways


Failure is a fine fine friend

He knocks you down then reaches out a hand

Helps you learn a thing or two for what's coming around the bend

As you walk back down the road

He winks and smiles and says, "I know

I'll be seeing you again"

That ole failure is a fine fine friend


Sometimes you feel like you could die

But failure couldn't kill you if you tried

The pain you feel is from gripping the wheel

When it's not your job to drive

If you won't let go of the heavy stones

You'll never learn to fly


Took us a long long time to learn to get along

Just like two brothers rolling round in the dirt

The less I tried to fight him

The more I knew I liked him

Took me 30 something years for me to learn that...

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