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Cassette Tape Demos - Crossroads

I recently watched a documentary about Robert Johnson. It talked about the myth that he once traded his soul to the devil for exceptional guitar playing ability. I've heard this same story told over the years about many different artists. Blues artists over the years have sung about the crossroads in many different ways. My take on the story came to me while I was surfing, which many song in my career have. I hope you enjoy and now "if you ever find yourself at the crossroads" you'll know what to do. ;)

CROSSROADS by Jeffrey Joslin

VERSE The blues man he sings about the crossroads The place where the devil likes to play He’ll buy up your soul For a measly bag of gold 27 minutes of fortune and fame

But there’s one little thing about the crossroads That road it leads to Calvary Where Jesus my king Bled and died for you and me Three days later he rose to victory

CHORUS You see my father he owns all the gold factories The song that I sing is the one he gave to me So if you find your yourself at the crossroads my friend Tell that ole devil His kingdom has come to an end

VERSE 2 The devil don’t give you nothing that can save you Just glittery gold slavery Disguised as freedom He’s a double speaking demon Hell bent on killing you and me

But Jesus gives freely from the fountain To all who are thirsty and alone If your weary in the head He’s got a big ole feather bed Where your soul can rest eternally

VERSE 3 That devils a dirty little trickster But the greatest lie he’s ever told Is the Father on his throne Made us take out a loan To buy a seat at the table of the King

No one can buy what’s freely given His grace flows like the waves of the sea Anyone can afford To be a child of The Lord So grab some bread and some wine and let us eat

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