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Cassette Tape Demos - Hate

This song is a mirror. Listen accordingly.

VERSE I hate the man that I’ve never met He’s sick and he’s vile I’m willing to bet Heard it all on the tv from a face with a script Who read all the sins compiled in a list I’ll never forgive I’ll never forget The terrible man that I’ve never met

VERSE 2 I hate the man who’s nothing like me He’s all of the things that I’ll never be I’ve got the answers I’ve passed the great test I’ve read the big book and know what it says I’ve checked all the boxes and set myself free And hate all the ones who are nothing like

VERSE 3 I hate all all ideas which seem to diverge The singular way in which I see the world There’s only one lens there’s only one way There’s only one answer at the end the of day My point of view is all I can see So I hate all ideas of which I disagree

VERSE 4 I hate the hatred I see everyday I’ve got a plan to wipe it away With fear as my weapon i wield it in anger Peer down the barrel with rage in the chamber Fighting fire with fire is the path that I favor More of the same is all I have to wager

VERSE 5 I hate the image the mirror reflects So I point and I shout and I rage and project It’s never my problem I’m never to blame With nothing at fault there’s nothing to change I search for a scapegoat and give it a name And pummel its body with weapons of shame

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