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Song Lyrics - Come Out of That Cave

Come Out of that Cave

From the album Come Out in Jesus Name (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Written by Jeffrey Joslin & Randall Holton

Published by Throwback Music BMI & Randall Holton

Recorded and engineered by Jeffrey Joslin

Produced and mixed by Jeffrey Joslin

Mastered by Dave McNair at Dave McNair Mastering


We ain’t scared of no Jezebel

Ain’t got time for running away

Forty days and nights in the wilderness

I hear His call for a better day

We’ve been praying for an answer

We’ve been asking for a sign

Sometimes He’s moving in the wind

Sometimes He shakes the earth

And the ground is caving in

Sometimes you meet Him in the fire

But this time I can hear Him whispering

Arise child remember your name

Prophet of God come out that cave

We’ve been waiting for a move

Now there’s revival breaking out

It’s a season for deliverance

Demons running from the sound

We’ve been listening for your voice

We’re hungry for your Spirit now

All hail the King

His will be done

We ain’t stopping till His Kingdom comes

All the power and authority

In the name of Jesus

Gonna set you free

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